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Built using electronjs it offers users one of the most intuitive music player with audio visualizer. A largescale analysis of bioinformatics code on github biorxiv. We thank debashis ghosh, wladimir labeikovsky, and matthew mulvahill for helpful. Computer science, programming languages, scala, java, c, software engineering, object. This is the foreword i wrote for debasish ghosh s great book on functional and reactive domain modeling. Sign in sign up instantly share code, notes, and snippets. This is the foreword i wrote for vaughn vernons great book on reactive messaging patterns with the actor model. I have been an open source enthusiast for the past 2 years. Debasish uses scala and akka in his daily work and was one of the earliest adopters of event sourcing using eventsourced, now called akka persistence. Packed with code examples, this comprehensive book teaches you how to be productive with scala quickly, and explains what makes. Sign up for your own profile on github, the best place to host code, manage projects, and build software alongside 40 million developers. Gregoriancalendarcalendar is just an example from the standard java. You can find the complete schedule on the scala exchange website where you can grab tickets if. Debasish ghosh is the chief technology evangelist at anshinsoft, where he specializes in leading delivery of enterprisescale solutions.

Hes the author of dsls in action, published by manning in 2010. Software architect debasish ghosh was an early adopter of reactive design. This script attach it self to any given process and hooks deviceiocontrol. Cpss product lines appear in a wide range of applications of different domains e. Prior to microsoft, he lead a team of mobile developers. I am looking for a generic way of writing max so that it will work with any class that is a subtype of comparablesomesuperclass.

Functional conf 2019 introduction to logic programming. Functional and reactive domain modeling manning 2016, dsls in action manning 2010. I thought id just throw out some ideas and see if anyone. Im not going to explain the threading macros in depth as these have been well covered already see for example this very nice post by debasish ghosh btw debasish s book dsls in action is worth your money. Linkedin is the worlds largest business network, helping professionals like yukesh kumar discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners. Programming scala introduces an exciting and powerful language that offers all the benefits of a modern object model, functional programming fp, and an advanced type system, while leveraging the industrys investment in the java virtual machine jvm. The application receives a message or request and has to do some work to service the request like query a database, read fro.

View sibasish ghosh s profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. Building and deploying microservices with event sourcing. Ive been working on a logic programming framework in haskell, called guanxi with an eye towards scalability. Kernel32 api and try to log or fuzz all io control code io buffer pointer, io buffer length that process sends to any kernel driver.

See the complete profile on linkedin and discover pranabs. So the 386 with its special new mode is what brought 32 bit computing to the desk top. I have created an application in which there is inapp purchases which has monthly auto renewal on first time successful payment i have called a webservice in which i have made the user to premium. Functional and reactive domain modeling teaches you consistent, repeatable techniques for building domain models in reactive systems.

Online machine learning in streaming applications 1. Azure container instances with windows containers rickstercdn. Debasish uses scala and akka in his daily work and was. Socioboard a social media management and analytics platform. As per usual, debasish s post is a great read, but it includes one scala communityism that i find offputting. Articles in this subsection are not required to be full articles so care should be taken when voting. Hes the author of several manningpublished books on the subject of domain modeling, designing dsls, and functional programming in scala. Yukesh kumar bengaluru, karnataka, india professional. Now, most of the time the tough stuff with assembler is the io. Purchase of the print book includes a free ebook in pdf, kindle, and epub formats. View debasish ghosh s profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. Cloudera field engineer, java developer, cloud analytics developer, apache nifi developer, data engineer, iot developer, ai, ml, python developer, rp tspannhw. Building and deploying microservices with event sourcing, cqrs and docker berlin microxchg, munich microservices meetup.

Im sure this will get me into trouble here, but i would like to suggest a different indentation style than what i typically see for scala and other languages that use braces. Debasish ghosh is a software architect with extensive experience in domain modeling. This talk will be remote, broadcasted, and recorded directly from. It was quite hard at first, and little did i know about contributing to open. Generally speaking, if you want to learn akka try thinking about applications that have the following characteristics.

A mutation based user mode ring3 dumb inmemory windows kernel ioctl fuzzerlogger. Ive got a couple ideas for how to give futon an extra bit of polish but i have no ajaxfu. Functional and reactive domain modeling teaches you how to think of the domain model in terms of pure functions and how to compose them to build larger abstractions. See the complete profile on linkedin and discover debasish s connections and jobs at similar companies. I started my journey in open source when i started working on machine learning nanodegree program by udacity.

Debasish ghosh, dsl for the uninitiated, communications of the acm. To build it i leaned heavily on my previous work on propagators and a bunch of other little bits and pieces of algebra and category theory in the design process. Sharp tune is a native music player application for both windows and linux. Functional programming in scala debasish ghoshs book functional and reactive. View yukesh kumars professional profile on linkedin. This presentation is a quite good intro and it is also an awesome demo of html5 long story short, functional attitude is great when combined with event sorcing. Starting with an overview of the design and architecture of rxbased reactive applications, youll get handson with indepth code examples to discover firsthand how to exploit the rich query capabilities that rx provides and the rx concurrency. Forewordreactive messaging patterns with the actor model. Empower your developers to accelerate digital transformation with the industrys leading frameworks and runtimes, built on akka. The molecular modeling toolkit is a library that implements common molecular simulation techniques, with an emphasis on biomolecular simulations.

Debasish is a brilliant software engineer, lightbend colleague, and friend. Net in action teaches developers how to build eventdriven applications using the rx library. Using github actions to jpackage scala apps for os x and windows. Powershell desired state configuration dsc can now manage linux boxes in the same vein as it does for windows.

Microsoft open source dsc for linux and is hosting the project at github. New tools in windows device portal for the windows 10 fall creators update hirsch singhal more link collections. How do i write the equivalent of t extends comparable. So as soon as i wrote the hello world kind of code and executed thru the interactive window i wanted to try out some changes and see the updated types. Problem with custom failure message in parser combinator. Erik osheim actors are not always inappropriate for parallelizationit depends upon the unit of work. Sibasish ghosh international institute of information. Debasish ghosh is a speaker at domaindriven design europe 2018. A introduction to functional design patterns in scala. Debasish ghosh is a software architect with extensive experience in. With these processes in place, the workers at the casino can focus predominantly on execution, confident in their systems. Urls for software hosted on the popular services github, bitbucket, and. This is like locking your doors and windows before going to bed so you can sleep peacefully without the worry of someone walking in and sneaking up on you in the middle of the night. Hi scalators, im excited to present a talk by debasish ghosh.

Socioboard a social media management and analytics platform this article is an entry in our windows azure developer challenge. Choosy and picky association for computing machinery. Translation of code and examples from debasish ghoshs dsls in action. View pranab ghosh s profile on linkedin, the worlds largest professional community. See the complete profile on linkedin and discover sibasishs connections and jobs at similar companies. There is a new idea of using clojure a modern version of lisp, which is a functional language, to create domain models. Be aware that no source code is supplied for chap 1 and 2 in authors github repo.

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