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Brony is an internet slang term used to describe a teenage or adult male fan of the tv cartoon series my little pony. Analyst bronies react provides examples of ageinappropriate dress. Moderator of rbronies archived meta youre probably looking for rmylittlepony. Nov 07, 20 watch dis 5th react bronies react to season 3 finale piedislikerswag on dailymotion. Brawny buck tends to act as this in his a buck to the face videos, repeatedly acting as a voice for morality and telling other analysts to get their mind out of the gutter. Australia bronies react a royal problem season 7 ep10 my little pony duration. He also has a girlfriend, sara, who introduced him to my little pony friendship is magic and is responsible for him becoming a brony. Recurring is for bronies who have appeared in more than one episode but are not considered main. Wearing armor is too hard referencing the previous episode, and the response. Season 6 finale tv episode 2017 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. However, due to some heavily featuring him in group reactions, such as the season 6 finale and season 7 finale, they remain removed. Twilight spartan sees a newspaper on his fridge, with the header, blackgryph0n. Dog spike shows agility that should fit cats, not dogs.

I make cinemare sins, the top 10 pony videos, pmvs, pony in real life videos, random shorts, and m. The team at bronies react is back with another installment in the series, dedicated this time to the finale. This is a late birthdaytribute gift to the amazing viva reverie. Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more. Hes in the military, even showing up in full uniform for two episodes, and can do some pretty cool moves, as shown in the. Im sure youve seen it, but theres now a trailer for cars 3. Jan 25, 2011 acracebest is a brony youtuber and vlogger. Love random documentaries especially ones about generally misunderstood topics considered to be sexually deviant. When it delivers, he immediately puts his pants back on. Dis 5th react bronies react to season 3 finale video. Schitts creek seriesfinale recap, season 6 episode 14. The greek influence in sicily is evident in the various temples and majestic structures visited. Never would have thought that deeper, more introspective animatedjames would be something i want. At bronycon 2018, fans of the animated series stressed over a series of leaks teasing a season 9 finale and a g5 line of pony toys and series would mean the.

For this react, thespio decides to drag his fiancee midnight sonata along for the ride, which results in some pretty funny interactions. Sep 12, 2019 at bronycon 2018, fans of the animated series stressed over a series of leaks teasing a season 9 finale and a g5 line of pony toys and series would mean the end of the brony fandom. In bronies react to season 6 premiere, saberspark starts out going shirtless, but then threatens to take his pants off and leave them off until the series can give him a good season 6 episode. Just started watching the documentary bronies as i clean my apartment attention. At one point, midnight has to lock thespio in the closet. Ponies and video making are my two favorite things. Just look at analyst bronies react to season 6 finale for a very good example. Season 7 finale shadow play, i can understand many of the points that they made.

Race reacts to bronies react to teens react to my little pony. I have no finished it, so if the answer lay in the content later on, please dont rip my head off. Bronies react to the season 3 finale the dramatic intro, featuring orchestral design preparing to watch the episode, complete with putting on a racing helmet that first appeared for all of one second in a previous episode. The end of my little pony g4 the last problem acracebest. However, if you really think about it, starswirl was just as much to blame for what happen as twilight. Military bronies react to teens react to my little pony. The reaction to celestia and luna trying to fight off the storm around the crystal empire.

One appearnace is for bronies who have, so far, only appeared in one episode. Bronies react is a series on acracebests youtube channel in which he and other prominent members of the brony community including saberspark, the living tombstone, blackgryph0n, dustykatt, jaxblade, and others react to episodes of, or videos related to, my little pony friendship is magic. Watch mlp equestria girls season 1 my little shop of horror exclusive short dogprock on dailymotion. My little pony friendship is magic stuff ponies say promo the hub by hub network. Following in footsteps of last years shocking finale, the bones season 6 finale not only managed to top the 6 month separation storyline, but also entirely shift the tone of one of the most fanatical shows on television a death at a bowling alley sets the stage for the sixth season finale, entitled a change in the game. Bronies react is a series on acracebests youtube channel in which he and other prominent. A 17part series, taking you along as they go to walt disney world for the first time. Its through this series that acracebest became as well known in the brony.

Join acracebest and toodles sara on their first adventure as a married couple. That scene from the season two finale in which the roses all dance together to that song in mutts barn remains one of my favorite moments of the entire series, so, uh, yeah, that one hit hard. Here are the tropes pertaining to the rotating cast of bronies in bronies react. Friendship is magic reacting to videos given to them to react to.

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